Cheese Sandwich Prank




Introduction: Cheese Sandwich Prank

Just one of the humanity.

Everyone's favorite cheese sandwich just got a laughable twist.
This is Passenger on a train, and here I am to show you how to trick your friends into a prank.

Funny prank.

I used this on my mom (the biggest cheese sandwich fan), and her reaction was worth seeing!

Let's go!
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Step 1: Material Needed

This prank needs the following things :-
@1. 2 bread slices
@2. Some ketchup (for the sauce)
@3. Some (Pi)zza seasoning (for the sauce)
@4. An onion (for the sauce)
@5. A cheese slice UNOPENED
@6. This Instructable!
@7. A bowl for mixing the ingredients
P.S.- You can add some ingredients of yours, for the sauce.

Step 2: The Sauce

First of all, the sauce.
The sauce adds all the flavor and makes it tempting. So make sure you do it right.
Take the bowl and put the ketchup into it. Add the (Pi)zza seasoning and mix it up a little bit. Then add the onions to the bowl and mix it up good. The sauce would look like the one above. It can be different if you decide to add something else.

Step 3: Spread

After mixing it good, take your bread and put the sauce onto it. Spread it thoroughly for the flavor.

Step 4: The Fun Part

Now for the fun part, put the cheese slice which is unopened (means the plastic covering has not been removed) onto the bread. Now put some of the sauce on the plastic covering. Only a little bit will do the work.

Step 5: Prank Till You Drop!

Now approach your friend, being extremely kind and saying "Oh good friend of mine! I want to thank you for all your good deeds done for me, by awarding you this extremely tasty, mouth melting cheese sandwich"
Would he be flattered!
Now watch in amazement as your friend bites into the sandwich and makes a face.
Bad face.
The sandwich would look something like the above picture after being bitten onto.

After you prank him, make up by just taking out the wrapper and awarding him a REAL extremely tasty, mouth melting cheese sandwich.

After all, friends are awesome.

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Happy Prankin'!

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