Cheese Sticks

-cheese sticks are good snacks to eat with golden crispy coating.

-This cheesy and yummy sticks are coated with bread crumbles and form crispy crust and melted cheese at center.


- 1 cup of bread crumbles

-Grated cheese or any cheese slices

- 4 table spoon All purpose flour

- 4 tablespoon corn flour

- red chilli powder

- salt

-oil to fry

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Step 1: Procedure:

-Take a bowl and add all purpose flour,cornflour,red chilli powder and salt.

Step 2: Add Bread Crumbles and Cheese:

-Next step is to add about 2 table spoon bread crumbles and knead by adding water.

-Finally add cheese and knead in to smooth dough by adding little water.

Step 3: Rolling:

-Now take the dough and roll into lenghthy sticks.

-slice them in to small sticks 3 inches long

Step 4: Coating:

-Coat the sliced sticks in bread crumble mixture so that crumbles adhere to the sticks

Step 5: Frying:

-Now fry the coated sticks in oil on medium heat until they turn golden brown in colour.

-serve hot with tomato sauce.

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    Reply 3 years ago

    You can bake at 200 degrees for 15 minutes until they turn lightly brown. you can even dip this sticks in beaten egg and then coat with bread crumbles and bake.