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Introduction: Cheese Toastie

For my first 'ible, i'd thought that i should upload something tasty so i made an instructable of one of my favourite snacks: The Cheese Toastie.

I used to do Cheese Toasties in our breville until it broke so ever since i've had to make do with using a frying pan.

Anyways... I noticed that no one had uploaded this exact recipe so i'd thought I could fill the void a bit : )

Step 1: Gather Ingredients

The list of stuff you need is very simple...

You will need :
2 slices of bread
Cheese (sliced or grated)

Equipment :
Butter Knife (any knife will do)
Knife to cut cheese
Frying Pan
Spatula or Fish slice

Step 2: Butter the Bread + Slice the Cheese

You'll want to butter the bread with quite a bit of butter. Remember to butter as close to the edges as you can.

Slicing/Grating Cheese is very simple, just use as much as you want really (you can use any type of cheese you want... i've tried using Dairylea spreadable cheese before and that turn't out pretty good aswell)

Step 3: Frying Pan...

Get one of your buttered slices of bread and lay it butter side down in the frying pan and arrange the cheese ontop of it.

Next, get the other slice of bread and place it butter side up ontop of your cheese and the other other slice.

Step 4: Cooking

Turn the gas/electric on at about a medium to high heat and let the toastie sit there for 20 seconds before turning it over.
When you try and turn it over be careful no to spill the cheese everywhere like I did.

Keep flipping the toastie over every 15 seconds or so pressing it down with the spatula after each time you've flipped it to make it more sandwich-like.

Cook the toastie until the butter has gone a golden brown colour and/or you've got melted cheese pouring out from it. (If you do have a Cheese spill please don't let it go to waste as it's wonderfully tasty)

Step 5: Enjoy!

Put it on a plate and eat. Simple as that.

I usually only eat toasties on their own because I haven't found anything else that I like along with it but you could eat this with whatever you like really.

Thanks for reading my first 'ible I hope you enjoyed it : )

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    I've found a good cup of tomato soup goes well with them.
    Keeps you warm on those cold rainy days and something to dip the sandwich into.