Cheesy Enchiladas

Introduction: Cheesy Enchiladas

These delicious enchiladas are quite easy to make and delicious. They are very cheesy and can have tons of great ingredients to vary by. Enjoy!

Step 1: The Ingredients

To make these cheesy enchiladas for four people you need:

  • 8 large Tortilla shells
  • 1 can refried beans
  • 1 cup guacamole (I make it myself by chopping two avocados, adding chopped onion, adding lemon juice, adding lots of salt and pepper, and mushing it together until it is mostly soft but still has some chunks of avocado for texture)
  • 1 cup salsa with fresh tomatoes (I make it myself just by chopping the tomatoes, adding lemon juice, adding chopped onions, and adding salt and pepper to taste)
  • 2 cups sour cream
  • 3-4 cups shredded cheddar
  • 3 cups chicken, chopped
  • 2 cups corn, beans, fresh tomatoes, or any other vegetable you would like to add for taste

Step 2: Filling the Tortillas

  1. Prepare a casserole dish to bake the enchiladas in. Then, in a large pan fry the chopped chicken until it is slightly brown. Then add the refried beans, the vegetables, half the salsa, a quarter of the guacamole, and half a cup of cheese. Mix and cook it all well until it is a nice mass. There will be chunks of course so no worries about that, however, it should be mixed well otherwise.
  2. Once that is all cooked place a tortilla in your hand and fill it with a generous serving spoon full. Don't add too much so you can't close the tortilla anymore, you will learn when is too much though with practice. Fill it so that it looks like a hot dog bun, along a line rather than a large blob in the middle of the tortilla.
  3. Then fold the bottom where the line of filling ends inwards. Fold the sides in so the tortilla looks like an envelope without the top stuck down. Then fold down the last flap, and quickly turn the enchilada upside down and place it in the casserole dish. I didn't do this in the pictures so you could see the filling, but technically the tortillas should be closed and upside down. If you don't use all the filling, don't worry. You can make use of it later.
  4. Then once all the tortillas are lined up and you have extra filling just spread it over and around the enchiladas. Add the sour cream on top of the tortillas, add the guacamole and salsa, and finally spread the last of the cheese all over the enchiladas. Essentially you will have the filled enchiladas, then a layer of filling, a layer of sour cream, salsa, and guacamole, and then all the cheese spread over the top.

  • Having trouble filling them follow the images above and line the tortillas in the casserole dish to fill step by step rather than fold and turn upside down to bake. The pictures show the unmixed ingredients as well to show what is inside them, this of course is another version of the enchiladas you can try

Step 3: Baking the Enchiladas

  1. Once the dish is ready bake the enchiladas for 30-40 minutes or until the cheese layer is melted and nice and golden brown. Bake it at 350F or 180C. Since you precooked the chicken you don't need to worry about anything cooking again.
  2. Once they are done you can lift out entire enchiladas at once though the first one I pick out always breaks apart a bit, but it will work, I promise. They are absolutely delicious and I love making them because they are not so hard to make and have tons of delicious ingredients.

To vary:
  • Try a vegetarian version without chicken
  • Try with beef instead of chicken
  • Having trouble filling them follow the images above and line the tortillas in the casserole dish to fill step by step rather than fold and turn upside down t
  • Don't like refried beans? Add black beans and more sour cream to make up for the lack of liquids, taste delicious too
  • Add peppers or cauliflower for another texture and flavour boost
  • Use small tortillas for smaller and more manageable enchiladas
  • Eating them cold is delicious too

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