Cheesy Kewra Sugar Balls(chainamurgi)




Introduction: Cheesy Kewra Sugar Balls(chainamurgi)

Cheesy sugar balls are very tasety candies made by using only three ingredients (sugar, cheese, kewra essence)

Kewra water is an aromatic water made from distilled kewra

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Step 1: Cut the Cheese

Cut the cheese in small peices and pour them on a big plate

Step 2: Melting Sugar

Take sugar and make its Syrup

Step 3: Mixing

Mix them both in a big pan and. Mix them with the help of a big spoon add one or two table spoon kewra essence which will eluminate ur dush and make the taste gr8

Step 4: Cooling Process

Take a big fan and made the mix cool
It would look like great and smells very well

Step 5: Ready and Please Vote for Me

Now after mixing kewra essence it would smell more gr8 just eat it
And if u made it share ur experience in the comments as it is very easy made using only 3 ingredients it can presrve for 1month without expiring without fridge

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    4 years ago

    Yummy.. Tasty


    4 years ago

    what sort of cheese?

    like a paneer or farmers cheese? or something a bit more robust like a cheddar or munster?