Chells Long Fall Boots

Introduction: Chells Long Fall Boots

This instructable shows how we built our replica long fall boots, and how you can to!
This is a very simple way to build chells boots, trust me were not the kind to go all out for every detail but these seemed simple enough.
Some photos of the tools and materials needed, not all photos including for everything we used

• Tall white go go boots (20-40$)
• non glossy black spray paint
• clear gloss spray paint
• aluminum strips 1 Inch wide
• washer screws w/ matching nuts for the screws

Blow torch
Table saw
(Though we used these, they can be subbed for similar tools)

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Step 1: The Boots

We bought some simple heeled white GoGo boots, that we conveniently found at a thrift store, after looking online you can Find a pair for 20-40$ They should be fairly tall and have some sort of heel (not very high but not to short either)

Step 2: Painting

We began with the simplest step, painting. We looked over the games model of the boots and compared them to the boots we have. Then we marked on the boots where the black paint would be added and went from there.
We used masking tape to mark off a section on the toe of the boot which we would end up painting black. We made a small hole in a bag, put the shoe I'm the bag, and left the toe of the boot which we had masked off, sticking out of the hole we had made in the bag, to keep paint off of the rest of the boots.
We began to coat the boots with a simple non gloss black paint until each toe was covered with black paint, then we touched up the edges and added a semi glossy coat over what we had done so far. Getting the bag and masking tape off was fairly easy but you must be careful as there's probably paint on the bag that you don't want to drip on the rest of your boots, we used a razor blade to cut the bag open from the toe and then carefully peeled the boot away. Then All we had left to do was peel off the the masking tape!
When spray painting the heel we did just about the same thing, marked a segment off with tape, covered the remainder of the boot with plastic and them painted a black coat followed by a glossy coat of paint.
Next was the hardest part to paint, the "stripe"
We masked off an area as best we could and then touched up the placement off the tape. After everything was in place we proceeded to spray paint the boot.

Step 3: The "spring"

Moving on to the spring
(The spring being the metal part that cushions chells jumps in the video game.) We used long thick strips of aluminum we bought from Home Depot to re create the spring.
The dimensions are 1in x 1/8 in x 36 in
We began by comparing the aluminum to the boots and then drew a diagram and marked up the metal according to the boots (I won't give any dimensions because your boots are most likely different).
Then using a vice we bent the places where we had marked them ( specifically where the aluminum connects to the heel and the top of the boot (at the calf). To make bending easier we used a blow torch to heat up the metal. We then bent the part of the metal that extends from the heel upward, we bent it by pushing it over the top of an "extendable roller" (see photos, we have no clue what to call it!)
Until it bent into our desired position. Once we had finished all of the bends on the aluminum, we used a hand saw and removed the excess metal. Now to mark up the boot, since we were attaching the aluminum to the bottom of the boot and we did not want the boot to rock back and forth while walking in it so we cut an inch wide segment of the heel off of the boot using a Dremel tool so it would match the height/width of aluminum.
This next part may be the hardest part, attaching the metal to the boot. We began by drilling two holes into the inner side of the heel (process may vary depending on whether or not the heel of your boot is hollow or not) and and then two identical holes into the metal (in all of our drilling we used a 3/16 size drill bit) then we fed two machine screws through the inside of the heel (once again process may vary depending on whether or not the heels of your boots are hollow or not)
After feeding the screws through there holes, we fit the metal onto the screws followed by a nut which we tightened using a wrench size 3/8
Now to attach the metal to the top most part of the boot, aka calf of the boot. We clamped the boot into a vice and drilled a single hole from the metal into the boot. To hold the metal to the boot we simply attached a screw to the inside of the boot, cushioned by a (also on the inside) and then a nut on the outside (there's a picture showing the order)
We found that the screw we used was a bit long and so we shortened it by cutting it of and then sanding it.
Also before you attach you metal to your boot trim the excess with a metal specific hand saw

Step 4: Finished!

Ok I know that I do not have the straps and the cut out part in the front but they were hard to make on top of the rest of my costume so I made them simple, if your even thinking of adding the straps and the cut out part then I assume you can sew and know what to do... Anyways enjoy your boots, and don't forget to vote for me if you like my project!

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    4 Discussions


    5 years ago

    I love the design, but I looks like it is missing something without the straps in the frint


    Reply 5 years ago

    Yea, it is a bit blank without the straps. I only had a short amount of time to design the boots and then make them, maybe sometime I'll add the straps and edit the process into the instruction


    6 years ago

    Whoa! I did my longfall boots almost exactly the same, last year. Are you psychic or something? :P
    You did a great job painting them! I may have to use your method to re-do mine... All my paint started cracking.
    Excellent 'ible! :D