Cheng ShapeCrete Halloween Glowing Eyes



Introduction: Cheng ShapeCrete Halloween Glowing Eyes

Happy Halloween to everyone that celebrates it! This instructable will show you how to make some glowing eyes that you can take outside and put in your bushes or other locations outside your home to help add to the ambiance of a spooky holiday.

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Step 1: Tools and Materials

Tools and Materials

  • Cheng ShapeCrete
  • Toilet Paper Rolls
  • Scissors
  • Bucket
  • LED
  • 2032 Battery

Step 2: Cut the Eyes

First step is an easy and fun one. Take your scissors and cut shapes of eyes out of the toilet paper rolls. Go ahead and prep as many of them as you like.

Step 3: Mix the ShapeCrete and Cover the Rolls

This part, admittedly, can get a bit tricky. This is why you will want to have done a few cuts of the paper rolls.

Mix the ShapeCrete in a bucket, as per the instructions on the container. Do your best to make the mixture as thick as you can, while still being able to mold it.

Once you have the mixture, I found it easier to lay out on a smooth flat surface and then push it out with my hands (though a rolling pin would have been nice, now that I think of it).

Take the nicely smoothed out ShapeCrete and quickly roll it around your paper roll. Do this with some sense of urgency as that paper will start sucking up the water from the ShapeCrete the minute it touches it. Once you have it rolled over it, use a stick or pencil or other instrument and remove the ShapeCrete from the eye holes you cut.

Once you are done, put it aside and let it dry. Do the same for the other rolls.

Step 4: Clean It and Light It Up

Allow each of the rolls to dry completely then, using whatever you find works for you, clean up the eye holes so the shape is one you are happy with (i.e. close to what you cut).

Now it's time to take the LED, connect it to the battery, and place it in the side of the roll. It should shine nicely so take it and place it somewhere in the dark recesses of your garden / driveway / bushes / etc. Place a few in strategic locations so it looks like there are several sets of eyes around the outside.

Now stand back, and just enjoy the ambiance added to your Halloween decorations (oh, and some eerie sounds or music might not be a bad touch).

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