Cher Horowitz Clueless Costume

As if! My friend and I have been wanting to do Cher and Dionne for years, and thought this would be a good year with the “Fancy” resurgence of the look. The outfit I made is a fitted suit jacket and pleated skirt and furry backpack. The cardigan sweater was bought and shortened. I added the large pearly buttons. The skirt pleats are 2 inch right hand folds, sewn for 1.5 inches fromt he waist band, with a flat placket in the front where the pleats change directions. The jacket was patterned from an existing Urban Outfitters blazer I had, and the skirt was draped. Came together very easily. My favorite projects are replicas. I’m detail obsessed and I promise this is accurate :)


-Yellow and blue/black plaid (I could only find a closely matched pattern in a lycra, which I had to fuse to thick interfacing in order to sew structured garments)

-Fusible interfacing

-White vinyl for backpack

-White Mongolian fur for the backpack

-Black double fold bias tape for cuffs and jacket bottom

-Kilt pins-Gold metal buttons

-Hook and eye closures for skirt

-Whopper popper for backpack

-Giant 90s cell phone and white pager for accessories

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    2 years ago

    I'd also love to buy it if it hasn't been sold yet!


    Reply 3 years ago

    Absolutely. Email me -- my screen name at gmail. For starters, need to know your measurements, and which pieces you would want (there are 5 base and 4 accessories).


    4 years ago


    Awesome costume! Very nice job on the suit, it looks very well made! Very nice job on the matching all the stripes!