Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant Minecraft

A great view of Unit 3. Ventilation tower is clearly seen with the famed Unit 4 tucked behind it.

Step 1: Units 1 and 2

From aerial view units one and two can be seen. A tall ventilation tower stands in between them, and water storage drums lay on the grass next to the sky walk leading from the turbine hall to the refueling center.

Step 2: Unit 3 and Unit 4 With 1986 Covering

Here we can see the new roof installed on unit 3 (left) in 1989, and the sarcophagus that is draped over unit 4. The unit 4 sarcophagus was constructed in 1986 by volunteers immediately after the accident.

Step 3: Other Cool Photos

On the left picture we have the unit 3-4 ventilation chimney against the night sky. In the middle I have a nice shot of unit 2, and on the right is a picture of the actual power plant.



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    4 years ago on Introduction

    This is very impressive.

    Can you elaborate on your motivation to make this model? Was it just for fun, or for some other reason?

    1 reply

    4 years ago

    Awesome can you guys pls put this in a role playing service