Cherry Captain Pepper




Here is my take on a Captain Pepper. I use Sailor Jerry instead of Captain Morgan's.....any spiced rum will be ok though.
I really hope you enjoy!!

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Step 1: Ingredients

OK so you will need:

Glass to hold the beverage
Spiced Rum
Cherry Dr. Pepper
Maraschino Cherries
Shot Glass or Jigger for measuring

Step 2: Mix & Enjoy

Put a handful of ice in your glass. Now add...
1 part (shot) Rum
2 parts (shots) Cherry Dr.Pepper
1 part (shot) Cherry Juice....(liquid in the cherry jar)
top with a cherry or two or three & enjoy!!

Hope ya like it!!

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    That looks pretty good! I usually just stick with a rum and coke (dark rum, diet coke) but maybe I'll branch out a little bit...