Cherry Chocolate Baked Donut Pudding With Malibu Margarine Sauce

Join Jolene Sugarbaker The Trailer Park Queen, on her crusade against the NY Board Of Health's decision to ban Trans Fat.

Her cooking show "Cookin' With Jolene: The Trailer Park Cooking Show", is taking them head on!

In her new episode, Jolene will teach you how to make her famous:

Cherry Chocolate Baked Donut Pudding With Malibu Margarine Sauce.

In this episode, Jolene shares her thoughts and concerns about the government getting involved in making laws on people's right to eat what food they want.

Learn to fool your guests with surprising ingredient substitutions and budget saving tips and tricks.

If you're a diabetic, a heart patient or under medical care, this recipe isn't for you.

But if you love fattening sweet food, and care about your future to live free and eat free without the government telling you what you have to eat... Serve it up!

Hydrogenated Oil! A Tradition for over 100 years!

Learn To Cook The Trailer Park Way! Enjoy In Moderation!

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    6 Discussions


    12 years ago

    Hi. I have to answer this. Yes, it is a guy. He does make a good point. We first found him on youtube and I guess for the same reason others watch him for, it's just interesting to see what he'll come up with next. Some are more funny than others. I have to admit I agree with him on this one though. If they actually decided NY'ers were too stupid to know what's good for them so they're banning trans fat instead of giving them choices and information, what will they think they need to ban next? Sugar? Cafeine? sex?

    1 reply

    Reply 12 years ago

    Until recently here in the UK, pretty much all biscuits were made with trans-fats. I *love* digestive biscuits, but cut down on em when I realised how bad trans fats are. Recently, manufacturers have started phasing them out, so I'm happy. Straight vegetable oil's much healthier.

    The "choices" before were: Eat crap-tastic artificial fats, or eat no biscuits. I don't control that., the food manufacturer does.

    This isn't affecting the customer, but the manufacturer. They are forced to improve the quality of their product or make no sales in NY. The consumer wins by having a healthier product with no loss of quality.. The comparison to sugar and caffeine is erroneous. Both are natural, and removing them will have a negative effect on product quality (decaf= eeevil!). Finally, sex is good for you. Great exercise! :P


    12 years ago

    It's a cute YouTube Video. Way too long IMO, but where's the Instructable? Wouldn't it make it complete to at least show the pertinent screen shots along with the ingredients and preparation techniques?


    12 years ago

    I agree with her but they should offer healthier choises for people who are trying to lose wheight or w/e also moderation is key I have no problem with eating an entire package of oreos but you have to have a way to burn it off