Cherry Color

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Sweet cherry is delicious, healthy, natural and beautiful.

Step 1: Cherry Color

I have my own cherry trees and we make jam.On the main photo slide, the cherries were made for jam - this is the original photograph I took before making the jam in order to advertise a recipe for jam and cherries. Cherry has different varieties and different colors: yellow, orange, dark red. The best jam is a mixture of different varieties. Jam from sweet cherries is a delicious dessert, it also contains a lot of vitamins: C, B1, B3, PP. Almost everyone can make jam.

Step 2: Cherry Color

Jam made from cherries. 1) Cherries must be rinsed well. 2) You have to pull out a bone cherry, which can be made with a small knife or a special machine. It is also necessary for 1 kg of sweet cherries - water-200 ml and sugar-1,2 kg. 3) Pour the sugar into a pan, cover with cold water and boil, stirring occasionally. 4) When the sugar is dissolved, add the cooked cherries. 5) After the cherry jam is cooked, immediately remove it from the oven and let it cook for twelve hours. 6) After cooling, re-boil the cherry so that it is necessary to repeat 3 times. 7) After boiling three times and cooling the cherry jam, it can be raised in sterilized jars and stored for consumption. Relish!



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