Cherry Toolbox



A pair of toolboxes made for two little kids that belong in the same realm as Santas workshop elves. They are little tinkerers. Constantly amazing me that they want to pull out their tools when dad uses his. It seems only fitting that it be made out of a really nice piece of hardwood. They are not a matching pair. Well not completely matching. Ok. They do match, they're just not clones.

The whole project was based on a shop box that we put scrap sand paper pieces. I just loved the size of it and the utility option. And really thought that it would be perfect size for a 4oz hammer, couple of screwdrivers, and a tape measurer.

I also have piddled with the box joint on the table saw with a dado blade. It is the most simple of all jigs and looks really clean. It's not a dig at the peeps that can make a dovetail. because I would love to make a four way dovetail jig sled. But I like the easiness of the box.

Step 1: Inspiration

This is the shop box that I used as my inspiration for them. It's small and not very practical for much. But it is the perfect size for miscellaneous stuff.

The other pics are of the jig that makes the box joint. All it basically is, is a board clamped on a cross cut sled. There are plenty of ible's out there that can explain the in's and outs of this jig. I used them, and you should too.

Step 2: The First Box

This box was actually a mess in the middle. I set up my jig and checked all of my measurements as always. But the layout didn't get done exactly right. This is why It has a pine bottom that is not box jointed. So, enough about all that. Just lay it out, glue it up, and make lemonade out of a few lemons.

The outside dimensons are 12"X5.5"wideX8"tall(at the Handle). And the width of the wood after planed is 5/8".

Step 3: Second Box

Now this one turned out a lottttt better than the first. I started out with the bottom. Just cut it out all square, then put it on the jig. Start out without the normal wedge block but rather a board clamped beside the wedge. Then take out the wedge. Put your board next to the new board. This will give you a fat corner. Do this all the way around. Whoop Whoop.

Make sure that the sides all conjure up accordingly. Lots of waste but the end product will be worth it.

Step 4: Waste Not?

This is actually a pile of wasted cherry stock. I am going to make a cherry napkin holder with all this

Step 5:



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