Cheshire Cat Costume

Introduction: Cheshire Cat Costume

This costume was very comfortable and super fun! I was able to dance Hallo-week away with my fellow Alice in Wonderland characters (and best friends).

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Step 1: Materials Needed

For Costume:
Pink body suit
Purple bike shorts
1 yard fuzzy pink fabric (I found it in the "Cozy" section of Jo-Ann Fabrics)
1 yard fuzzy purple fabric (I used velour, since they didn't carry a fuzzy purple at my local Jo-Ann)
Pink & purple thread
Purple 1" elastic
Pink & Purple tulle - one yard of each
Purple gloves, fingers cut off
Pink "spiky" wig

For Make-Up:
Purple spray-in hair color
Purple lashes
Ardell 105 black lashes (for the lowers)
Maybelline 24hr Tattoo shadow in purple
White eye-liner
Black waterproof gel liner with brush

Step 2: Body Costume

Cut pink and purple fabric into 3 inch strips. Hem the sides with coordinating thread.

Put on the body suit & bike shorts, and secure the stripes where you want them to be with pins. I placed purple stripes over my chest, one to blend where the bike shorts and body suit met, and then on my arms and legs. I placed pink stripes around my lower waist and legs of the bike shorts.

If your fabric is sufficiently stretchy, then feel free to stitch all around to secure the stripes. My fabric was not as stretchy as the body suit, so I made sure I marked how long the fabric needed to be for each stripe, and secured them with catch-stitches. 

Stitch three alternating color stripes together. Line with pink fabric. I left parts of the top of the legwarmers open so I could slip my phone & wallet inside. Legwarmer purse!

Stich 5 inch lengths of the stripes in alternating colors for as long as you want the tail to be. I wanted mine to be long enough to make an impact, but short enough so it didn't drag on the floor. Fold in half, fabric side in, & stitch length of the tail, tapering at the end. Make sure it is wide enough to turn it right-side out afterward (about 1.5 inches).

Turn tail right-side out, place on bum of shorts, and stitch around it to secure it in place.

Place elastic around neck & pin to correct size. Make sure it is long enough to stretch over your head! Once you determine the proper length, trim & mark where it should be sewn. DO NOT SEW YET.

Cut strips of tulle. These do not need to be neat, but should be approximately the same size. Length should be twice the distance between neck & shoulder, width should be about 5 inches. Alternating colors, fold the tulle over the elastic, and using the elastic, gather the tulle where it meets the elastic. Stitch into place. Do not stitch on the elastic, as this will not allow the elastic to stretch; stitch right below the elastic. Continue doing this until you have nearly filled the length of elastic (don't forget to alternate colors!). Once you've nearly reached the end, stitch the elastic to itself, completing the circle, and then cover the meeting place with more tulle.

Step 3: Make Up

If you can find a pre-highlighted pink and purple wig, more power to you! I couldn't, so I bought a pink one and highlighted it with purple temporary hair dye. Take chunks of the hair from various layers & spray with the purple dye. Brush out when it has dried.


Put white liner on lower inner corner of eyes.

Using a normal eyeshadow brush, put the purple 24hr Tattoo make up on either side of your nose in large curves. Extend down your nose in straight lines. Curve under the brow. Now, starting at the top of the arc of lid, extend out to below the end of the brow. Make "cateye" shape by filling the space between this line and the extension of your lower lid. Now create the two "purple lashes". For the best effect, try to keep the outer lines crisp. Finally, using your finger, put purple shadow under the nose, around and between the nostrils.

Using the white pencil, draw your teeth. The upper teeth should start on your upper lip. Follow the picture for guide on how to draw teeth. Make sure to draw them in a generally grinning shape.

Using the black gel liner, fill in the space between the teeth. When that is filled, draw a thin line around the teeth for the lips. At the corners, do an angular spiral, and two angular dimples. Complete the look by draw a small crescent below the bottom lip, to make you look like you are grinning!

Using a normal black eye pencil, do heavy liner, extending the inner corner down near the purple nose line & the outer corner along the base of the purple "cateye". Make sure you can still see the inner eye white pencil you applied earlier - this helps you achieve the true "cateye".

Apply purple lashes to your upper lid & normal black lashes to your lower lid. The lower lashes should be curved the same way your upper lashes are - this allows you to blink normally with such crazy lashes, and helps you look even more surreal!

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    2 years ago

    cool i want to try it for halloween!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Cool project. It strikes just the right balance between cute and terrifying. Take more process photos next time; they make projects much easier to reproduce.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Very cool. Your costume really catches the eye. OMG, those TEETH!