Cheshire Cat From Alice in Wonderland


Introduction: Cheshire Cat From Alice in Wonderland

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Chesire Cat costume crafted at home. The head was made of upholstery foam and plasic mesh to form the shape and covered in fur fabric then airbrushed to create the blue stripes. The nose and teeth were hand formed from fimo. The eyes were cast from polyester casting resin then airbrushed on the backside to give a shiny blue color then led lights were wired inside the eyes to make them glow. El wire lights were threaded throughout the head, body and tail to create the "glowing" effect the cheshire cat has. A computer fan was wired into the head for cooling as well. This was made with the Alice, Red Queen and Mad Hatter costumes in family photo. We love the movie and wanted to share our creativity and dress up for halloween. We went to Downtown Disney on halloween and Mickeys Not So Scary Halloween Party on Nov 1. We had close to 300 people ask and take pictures with us. It was lots of fun sharing our costumes with kids and families from all over the world.



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    Looks like its about to eat me! Very realistic and very well done.

    would you be willing to sell this cuz if so I may buy it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I saw you guys in person at the Halloween party and at Downtown Disney on Halloween night. I thought the cat costume was store bought. Great job!

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    Thank you for your comment we had a lot of fun making the costume. I saw your singing pumpkins and gave you a much deserved five star !!! love pumpkins and love the fact that they sing this is Halloween from nightmare before Christmas.