Chess Set From Wood




For my next project I decided to make a chess set from wood. I have seen many examples on Instructables.
I used Meranti for the dark pieces and Pinewood for the other pieces and the border.

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Step 1: The Original Pieces

Meranti and Pinewood from the shop, I bought a little too much but maybe I'll make a second one.

Step 2: Sawing to the Right Size

Sawing the pieces to the correct size and gluing together.

Step 3: Sawing Again

Sawing the board in pieces to glue it again.
I made 2 sections too much to slide the even numbers up.
Next time I won't make too much sections and turn the even numbers around to save wood.

Step 4: Gluing Together

Gluing the pieces together.

Step 5: The Framework

For the framework I used a router for making a groove to make the board equal with the framework.
I used angled cuts for the corners.

Step 6: Finishing the Board

Gluing the framework together with the board.
When it was dry I sanded the whole board to make it equal and remove rests of glue.

Step 7: The Pieces

I don't have many steps for making the chess pieces, but they are made from the same wood.

They are a little bit minimalistic because i don't have a lathe.

Step 8: The Result



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    Reply 2 years ago

    Each section is 3 cm. So each row is 24 cm long.


    2 years ago

    LOVE IT! I've been looking for one that was simple. Thanks for the ideas.