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Always wanted a large chess set of my own so for this project I decided to create one. I will eventually tackle a more ornate and intricate one, this one will do for now. The design itself is simple enough, basically just a wooden box with a storage drawer sliding out of one end. Built using scrap 2x4s any plywood.

I decided on dimensions of 18" X 18" so that I could have a 2" X 2" square playing area and a 1" border. The box top, bottom and drawer bottom were made from 1/2" Sanded Pine plywood. Ripping 2x4s in half down the edge with a table saw (very carefully!), I created all the side boards. Attached everything together with screws and glue. Sand everything. Used a light golden oak stain on the entire project, and a dark walnut on the squares. Clear coated everything with several coats of Varathane to finish it off. Also glued a layer of felt into the drawer with spray adhesive.

Carving each pieces took the most time and patience. Each piece is similar to most typical chess sets with some of my own design. All made from 2x4 lumber split down the middle into 2x2s. Then cut up into various lengths. I shaped all the pieces individually using a bench top sander, and painstakingly by hand. And then finished off with the two stains and clear coat.



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    Hmmm interesting idea thanks. Will try that next time.

    I really like your chess set. The pieces are simple and clearly show what they are meant to be. Just a thought; where you varnished the squares, there is a bit of bleeding into the grain. I have a chess set that I got in Krakow where the borders of the squares are burnt with a hot corrugated rod. It might be a nice idea for future chess sets.

    DSC00896 - Copy.JPG

    Sorry I try to but get carried away with all my projects and usually forget.

    If you have more pictures of your build process I'd love to see them.