Chess Wave (recycle-paper)



About: Khaled Elnems is an (Q.C. & CAD Tech.) born & based in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. with experience Over 15 years working with International Consultants under Municipalities in the field of Construction/ O&...

It is a (Chess Wave ) desktop chess 3D Shape as a Wave by recycling paper (The Environment and Artsas part of Sustainability

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Step 1: Recycle Paper Scraps Into Own Deckle

used paper (cutting small pics) + water + masticate by hand

Step 2: Add White Glue

Add white glue to be paper like play dough

Step 3: Compression and Cut

Compression and cut The shape of the chess base

The attached PDF file can be printed and cut through it the chess base also can point inside it for place of pieces

Step 4: Shape Formation for Chess

Step 5: Colorize Any Type of Color Available

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