Chess Piece 3D Printer

Introduction: Chess Piece 3D Printer

In this instructable I will show you how you can make a customized chess piece with some features from yourself.
The piece will be personalized with features from you as a person collaborating in a team.

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Step 1: Creating a Mindmap

The first step of creating your personalized chess piece is draw a mindmap about you.
First you brainstorm about everything you can add to a team and working together with a team.
Then you have to visualize the outcome of your brainstorm in a mindmap.

Here is an example of my mindmap for my chess piece

Step 2: Choose Your Words

The second step for creating your personalized chess piece is choosing words from your mindmap.
Pick some words in the outcome of your mindmap. These words are important for the design of your personalized chess piece.

Here is an example of five words I have chosen for the design of my piece:

- Leadership
- Direct
- Ambitious
- Honest
- Protective

When you have chosen your words think about the piece you want to make and the features you want to add.

I have chosen the king piece, because of my leadership.
The shape of my piece will be direct and to the point. This is because I am direct, ambitious and honest.
Also I gave my piece a little shield. Here I bring back my protective behaviour.

Here is an example of the sketch for my piece.

Step 3: Creating Your 3D Piece

In the third step you are going to draw your new chess piece in 3D.
There are multiple programs to draw with, but for this project I used Google Sketch.
A big plus for Google Sketch is that it's free.

Keep in mind that a 3D printer can't print loose parts. Al the parts should be connected. The printer can't print corners with for example 90 degrees up and brought. Your design should be altered with a smooth overlap to print brought corners.
Also watch the measurements of your design. The bigger your design, the more expensive and time taking it is.

Here is an example of my 3D drawing of my piece and the file to download my drawing.

Step 4: Export and Print

If you finished your drawing and you are ready to print, export your drawing as a 3D model and save it as a collada file (.dae)

Upload the collada file in the 3D printer software, choose your settings and color and start printing your personalized chess piece.

For my piece I chose a green color and set it to a speed of 0.2.
The printing took 41 minutes.

Keep in mind to customize the thickness of the outside layers. Make them a little thicker to print out a smooth and strong piece.

Step 5: Final Result

When the printer is done you are the new owner of your personalized chess piece.

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