Chess/Checker Set From Remnant Marble/Tile and Duct Tape...Pick Your Color!




Introduction: Chess/Checker Set From Remnant Marble/Tile and Duct Tape...Pick Your Color!

You will love playing chess/checkers with this colorful board made from remnant 12"x12" marble(as shown here) and decorative duct tape!Personalize your own  board with wonderful colors and designs.Spare coins can serve as checkers or chessboard pieces!

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Step 1: Use Rubber Bands to Guide Your Placement of Duct Tape Squares

Wrap one rubber band at a time in parallel rows across the 12” x12” tile, starting with the first in the center (add more from the edges, so it takes less time to roll). You can use any rubber band as long as all the rubber bands are the same size and stretch cross the marble to cover only a thin area.Space them evenly till they are 10/8th inches apart from each other(use a ruler to check spacing). The two end rubber bands however should be spaced 1” from the edge of the tile.

Step 2: Make the Rubber Band Grid

Repeat the prior step for rubber bands going across the other direction so that you have a grid of evenly spaced rubber bands.

Step 3: Duct Tape Style? Measurement and Cutting Tools?

You will need 32 squares (10/8th inch by 10/8th) of your duct tape of choice. You can use scissors but it will take a long time to measure and cut 32 squares. You may want to use a Paper Trimmer if you can buy or borrow one.
A great suggestion came in our comments page for other methods..please look there to give credit where credit is due!

Step 4: Yes the Paper Trimmer Saves Time

An easy way to cut duct tape is to measure, mark it and cut it the long way on a Paper Trimmer  with the sticky side facing up as shown in this image. A paper trimmer with the handle, as shown, vs a sliding one works best. Mark the tape in the areas you wish to cut to make a square and cut it again with the sticky side facing up.

Step 5: Place Duct Tape Squares

After cutting the duct tape, place each square along the areas of your chess/checker board in diagonals so that the corners are barely touching. Repeat this step in parallel diagonal rows till it starts to look like a traditional chess/checker board.

Step 6: Cut Away Rubber Bands

Cut away the rubber bands and push down the tape so that it sticks better.

Step 7: Play a Game!

“Do you want to play a game?” Heads or tails!GAME OVER!
You can change your duct tape design any time. If can always take the duct tape off and use the tile for another project or as a cutting board!

Step 8: Chess Pieces Out of Coins?

I like using coins for chess pieces.I stack them up using doubled sided tape so that they are easier to pick-up. What do you think?  Here is another website that does it up with the coins!

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    5 years ago

    Not trying to troll, but it's surprising how many chessboards are not set up properly. Please google and show us the right way.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    You could combine this with Mrbellangs instructable for duct tape dots - - and then use the paper cutter to get your squares made fast. Cool look!