Chestburster Costume





Introduction: Chestburster Costume

Chestburster/Facehugger costumer for Halloween 2008.

Made out of foam padding, lots of glue, some paint, and slime.

I found a great way to make slime while making this costume. Its super easy and super cheap. Here is how:

Elmers Clear Gel Glue
Concentrated Icing Coloring
Liquid Detergent(Tide, etc.)

It is pretty much mix the ingredients until you get it right for what you are using it for, but I found that about half a bottle of the glue, a little dab of blue and yellow coloring (to make green), and about a teaspoon of detergent does this trick for a good slime.



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    you probably scared your dog half to death with that costume.

    I just got some foam padding blocks from hobby lobby and cut them with an exacto. It took several tries to get the shape i wanted, but I finally got it. the head is just a carved styrofoam ball. Behind the shirt there is a piece of cardboard that is rounded a bit to fit my chest, and everything is glued to that. Then just a little bit of yellow paint and some fake slime and that's about it. Let me know if you make one, I would really like to see it! If you have any questions let me know.

    Oh, HA HA Ha HA head humpers (!?!!?) AH HA HA

    From a comic. In order for them to lay eggs in your stomach... a certain egg laying obdy part must be plasced down your esophagus. Thus, the head humper.

    the alien has a metal rod in it that is attached to a piece of cardboardthat was formed to my chest then glued to the shirt. pretty basic,nothing fancy.

    are you building a costume?

    yeah gonna attempt to i think. Halloweens coming up. Got a party nextweek!

    Wow. I am going to have nightmares now. The thing coming out of his/your chest is pretty freaky!

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