Chettinad Chicken Roast | Chettinad Chicken Fry

Introduction: Chettinad Chicken Roast | Chettinad Chicken Fry

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Chicken Chettinad roast or Chettinad Chicken fry is a classic Indian recipe, from the region of Chettinad* (Tamil Nadu, India) and is a very popular as a starter or side dish. It can be enjoyed standalone or with Roti, Chapati or Rice.

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Step 1: ​Ingredients

Oil – 3 tblspn

Onions – 1 large sliced thinly

Green Chillies – 3 slit

Curry Leaves a handful

Ginger Garlic Paste – 1 tblspn

Salt to taste

Turmeric Powder / Manjal Podi – 1 tsp

Chicken – 500 grams with bone

Coriander Leaves – 3 tblspn finely chopped

For Chettinad Masala:

Coriander Seeds / Malli – 3 tblspn

Cumin Seeds / Jeerakam – 1 tsp

Dry Red Chilli – 5 to 6

Fennel Seeds / Saunf / Sombu – 1 tblspn

Cinnamon / Pattai – 3 cm piece

Kal paasi / Black Stone Flower – 2 piece

Cardamom / Yelakai – 4

Cloves / Krambu – 4

Whole Pepper / Nala Milagu – 1 tsp

Star Anise – 1

Step 2: Recipe

For Easy Recipe instruction with Subtitles please watch,

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    Kumar SambhavP
    Kumar SambhavP

    Reply 2 years ago

    Right! It was really very delicious but I suggest you to please adjust quantity of spices as per your taste as it could be little bit spicy for some people.

    Thank you for viewing and appreciation :-).