Chewy Dog Bone TOY (3D Printed)



Hi all,

I designed this toy for my 2 dogs especially since they love to chew on the corners of the table and even on their own feet.

This has kept them busy chewing and chewing the toy and have avoided chewing the tables.


  • A Laptop
  • 3D Printer
  • SD Card
  • Slicing Program
  • Flexible Filament

Step 1: Download the Uploaded File

Step 2: Slicing Program

  1. Open the file with your slicing program such as Cura, S3D, Repetier Host etc
  2. Slice the file
  3. Upload the sliced file to the SD Card or connect your computer with your printer

Step 3: Begin the Print

I'm using Fillamentum 92A - Traffic Black - with temperature of 245c extruder and 60c buildplate.

Make sure to use glue stick or any sticking glue to make sure that your print would not come off during printing.

After your print has finished, clean the TOY fully.

Step 4: Thank You

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