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A chic alternative a plain loom bracelet. You can either leave it plain with a chain or add a charm.

Step 1: Watch How to Make It Here

Step 2: You'll Need

You'll need a rubber band loom (they make them everywhere!)

3" of large chain Bands in the colors you like

"C" clips for a closure (they come with the loom)

Step 3:

With the loom facing away from you, count down 11 pegs from the top of the loom on the left row of pegs.

Stretch 2 bands between peg 1 & 2. Next, two bands between 2 & 3. Continue to the the 10th peg.

Thread two bands between the end link on your chain and then stretch it over the 10th and 11th peg.

Repeat this process on the right hand row of pegs. You will not be putting bands on the center row.

Thread 2 bands between the other end link on your chain and thread it through the 10th and 11th peg.

Step 4:

Flip your loom around and with your hook, grab the 2 bands on the 11th peg and stretch them around the end link and on to the 10th peg.

Now with your hook, reach through the peg, grab the 2 bands on the 10th peg and loop them on the 9th peg, this will start creating a chain.

Do this on both sides.

Step 5:

Grab a "C" clip, carefully remove the last band on one side and attach it to the last band.

Place your hook through the last band on the other side and remove the bracelet and then add the bands to the "C" clip to finish it.

Step 6:

It will look like this.



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please do on a hook I do hook only ?????