Introduction: CHICAGO Theater Lighted Marquee

I created this "CHICAGO" lighted marquee for a dance studio. It is made from a 4x8 sheet of Foamboard available at local home improvement stores and lumber yards. I lit it with 25 bulb strands of G40 light bulbs. My apologies for missing photos of steps that would have been helpful as I had not thought to turn it into a tutorial until the project was finished.

Step 1: All That Jazz!

Okay so here you go…
To hang it up, I put a bolt through a washer through the sign, another washer, a nut, a loop of jake chain, and then the final bolt. Very small hardware. I put one on each end and one on the center. To the other end of the chain I attached a bent wire hanger hook and painted everything silver black (the chain was already black). You will have to modify the hanging method to your particular project. This project is approx 8" long and 16" tall.

This is my first instructable so forgive me. Had I planned on making this an instructable, I would have taken more pictures. If you have any questions or run into any issues just ask.

I came up with this project after many searches across the Internet. So thank you to all those out there who take the time to share their creativity with others!

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