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Introduction: Chick Fil a Dog Costume

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Jersey Belle, my Boston Terrier, is named after a cow, due to her coloration.  :)  So I thought it would be appropriate to finally dress her as one!  Plus, she loves chicken, so it has to be fate.  

Step 1: Needs

Pink fabric for the udders.
Khaki fabric for the hooves.
White fabric for the tail.
Black fabric for the tail hair.
Sewing supplies.
A cow bell.
Poster board or foam core board.
A $1 cow nose from Party City.
Sharpie, black paint.

Step 2: Udders.

I used a pink fabric that was part of a child's halloween costume that I got at the thrift store.

Cut out a piece that you think will be the right size...gland...for your pet.  Then kinda free-hand it and sew it like I did.  (Just make sure to sew right sides together, so you can turn it out, and have the seam on the inside.)  I had no plan, I just made things up as a I went hahah.  (I also stuffed a little cotton in there.) Once you have that done, take the seam of the fabric, cut pieces of that for the nipples, sew them on for best visibility.  Then Add the elastic, make sure it will fit first.  

Tip - my dog has random spots, so I put the udders on her, then I marked with a sharpie where she was black, so I could color that.  The idea was good, but I don't know if I put it on backwards or what...didn't quite match up, lol.

Step 3: Nose.

Try on the nose, and check for a comfortable fit.  Her nose was perfect!!! I didn't have to tighten it, or extend it...I just let the elastic kinda tuck on her collar and let her own nose, support the cow nose!

I used  a sharpie to color the elastic black, so it blends in with her head.  :)

Step 4: Tail and Hooves, Plus Bell.

I had this pair of khaki shorts that we got for free on craigslist, and they were perfect for this project.  (A number of months ago, I cut out a pocket and used it for a hanging ferret bed, so the shorts were already...scraggly lol.)

I cut parts of the waist band for wrapping around her foot.  I wrapped it until it almost met at the ends.  Then I cut a piece of elastic that was a little longer, as you will see in the photos...then I sewed that onto the :hoof:, then sewed the elastic ends together.  It was the perfect amount of elasticity to keep them on her foot, almost like bracelets.  SO perfect.  If you wanted to get into it, you could take the finished ones outside and spray paint them for uniformity.  But .. I thought it was fine lol.

For the tail, I chopped off a black piece from my husband's old shirt.  And for the white part, I took some pocket-liner from the khaki shorts.  Just make sure it will be long enough for your..cow-dog.  Kinda fold up the white fabric around the black part and sew up the tail, as well as the black piece.  Once it was all sewn together, I took scissors and clipped up the black part to look like hairs.  Now that the tail is done, take the tip/end without the hair, loop it into/around the elastic band for the udders and sew it up.  (Tail to tail, only.)  That way it is hooped onto the elastic and you can adjust it or move it as needed for fit.

For the bell...I just lucked out and found it at a thrift store for 95 cents.  It was blue, so I spray painted it.  Maybe try ebay.  :)

Step 5: The Sign. (finishing Touch!)

I had some foam core in my craft room, so I just cut that up!  I poked 2 holes in each piece after painting them.

I had to look on google for inspiration and the font style.  Then I used a sharpie to write it out.  Went over it in black acrylic paint - but you don't have to.  :)

Since the ropes use knots to hold the sign in place, I did the same idea with strips of the khaki shorts, the knots were SUPER loose, but the sign is so light, that there was no pull.  So it was a great match-up.

When you tie your knots, make sure that the signs have enough gravity, so they hang on the sides of your pet, like a saddle of some sort.  That makes the perfect hold.  

Oh, and I just got a white scrap and tied the bell to her collar.  :)

Then you're done!  Enjoy!!



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    Great! I like your Chick Fil tie-in. We don't have that chain in Milwaukee, but I think dairy cows are probably the state mammal in Wisconsin. Several years ago at a Halloween pet event I saw a medium sized smooth coated black and white dog dressed up as a cow. The owners took a cheap canvas work glove, stuffed it, and painted it pink. I was hung from a "belt" like you did. The also made a pair of horns that tied around his head. It got a lot of attention. I think the best costumes are the ones that work with what your pet has already, whether size, markings, or breed. Two of the best I ever saw were a chihuahua wearing a taco shell (a rebuttal to the over-done dachshund in a hot dog bun), and a guy and his doberman dressed as a swat officer and his K9, but with pink and orange emblems that resembled Dunkin" Donuts; they were the "Donut Police".

    It great! All I want to know is, does the dog find it uncomfortable? Especially the nose. I just want to know :)

    This is "udderly" adorable!

    So life like

    Brilliant. So cute. If only my cats would sit still enough for me to dress them.

    Wow, what a great job! Nostrils are so real I thought it was a Photoshop montage! A++!

    OH-MY- GAWD...OH-MAH-GAWD...OH moo gawd!!! I love bostons, and you have got the best little trooper ever! Something about the way the nose and the little expression in the eyes of your precious pooch made me seriously crack up! I can just hear your words of encouragement," oohhhh, who's a pretty puppy...aren't you so pretty...just look at you?!!.." your puppies face, is probably like the same face the emperor and his court made from the children's book,"the emperor's got no clothes!!!"hahahaahha! priceless!

    I wonder if there is a place in the hereafter where our pets get back at us for doing these things to them. This poor baby...I can't stop laughing....but then I look at her poor little innocent face and think...omg...I've done things like that to my dogs too....forgive me!


    Wow! you have quite a few pets and all our stuff for them is AWESOME!! i wish my parents trusted me more then i could get that cat and fish and Lizard (i had a lizard but it died ='( ) but cat and fish don't really fix =( and i always wanted a Hawk and a wolf the wolf could walk beside me as the Hawk land on my arm and then i say "sick em" and the go like CAWCOW! and BARK BARK!! and then my emimies would back off!! MUHAHAHHAHAH lol im not kiding -.- lol

    I could not stop laughing! Nice job! You must have the most laid back dog in the world, I'm impressed!

    This is awesome!
    And you have the most patient and adorable dogs on the planet. :)