Chick Pea Flour Dessert



Introduction: Chick Pea Flour Dessert

-This chick pea flour dessert commonly called as "Besan halwa" which is most popular dessert in india.If you like flavour of chick pea flour in sweets,you will love this.


- Half cup chick pea flour

- Half cup hot milk

- 1/4 cup sugar

- 2 teaspoon ghee or melted butter

- Nuts and raisins of your choice

- crushed cardamom

Step 1: Procedure

-Take a wide vessel and add 2 teaspoon ghee to it. when is heated add half cup chickpea flour and roast on low to medium flame to prevent burning. we get nice aroma of ghee during roasting.

Step 2: Add Nuts and Raisins

-Next add chopped nuts and raisins and roast till chick pea flour color changes to light brown color.

Step 3: Add Sugar

-Add 1/4 cup sugar and give a can adjust sugar quantity according to your sweetness

Step 4: Add Milk

-Add half cup of hot milk to it and slowly mix on low flame. Once milk is added entire mixture comes together and thickens.

Step 5: Serve

-Finally once it thickenes add crushed cardamom and switch off the stove.

-Serve the dessert.

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