Chicken Asparagus and Pesto Risotto

Introduction: Chicken Asparagus and Pesto Risotto

The recipe is yummy, delicious and very easy to follow. Filled with chicken, asparagus, and pesto this risotto is filled with immense flavor. Step by step pictures walk you through the entire process.

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Step 1: Gather and Prepare Ingredients

Gather all of the ingredients you will need before you start, you won't have much time after you start cooking.

Here is what you'll need:

1 rotisserie chicken

1 Shallot (cut finely)

2 Celery Stalks (cut same size as shallots)

1.5 cups of arborio rice

1 cup of white wine

1 cup of olive oil

1 bunch asparagus ( cut into bite size pieces )

2 tablespoons of pesto ( either store bought or homemade. your choice)

1 lemon half

Salt and Pepper to taste

8 cups chicken broth

Step 2: Fry Celery and Shallot

Turn pan on to high heat. Add half of the butter to the pan and let it melt down. Add the celery and the shallots to the butter. Season with salt and pepper. Fry until translucent but not burnt. If a little gets burnt it's okay, it will not affect the taste.

Step 3: Add Oil

When the celery shallot mixture is done add the oil into the pan. Mix in the oil and let it cook for a minute.

Step 4: Add Rice to Mixture

Once the celery and shallot mixture is done pour the rice into the pan. Coat the rice in the celery mixture and let cook for a minute. Add white wine and stir.

Step 5: Begin Adding Broth

Immediately add 1 cup of broth. Let rice absorb liquid, stirring frequently.

Step 6: Continue to Cook the Rice

Continue to add broth 1 cup at a time, but only once the batch before has been adsorbed.

Step 7: Add Asparagus and Chicken

Once the rice is soft and still a little bit chewy but not mushy, add in the asparagus and chicken. Also add in one more cup of broth.

Step 8: Add in the Rest of the Ingredients

Add in the lemon, parmesan, and pesto. Mix all the ingredients together well. Add any more salt and pepper you may need.

Step 9: Plate and Enjoy!!!

Plate your risotto and pour a nice glass of white wine and enjoy!

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    Forn Man
    Forn Man

    5 years ago on Introduction

    Makes me hungry! Great work. You get a 100. See you on the cooking channel someday? JF