Chicken Bearnaise

Introduction: Chicken Bearnaise

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My uncle made this for my wife and I a few years back in California. Now its one of our favorite meals that the entire family enjoys.

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Step 1: Ingredients

1-2 lbs of chicken breast - thin sliced down the middle
2 avocados
Sliced Portabella mushrooms
English muffins

Bearnaise Sauce homemade, or from a package (I cheat and use a package):

Bearnaise Sauce Packet

1/4 cup of butter
1 cup of milk

Chicken and mushroom marinade:

Olive oil
Balsamic vinaigrette
Black pepper

Step 2: Cooking

Marinate the sliced chicken breast in a bowl lightly coating them with olive oil, balsamic vinaigrette and black pepper. Do the same for the mushrooms. Place both bowls aside and move onto the avocados, English muffins and prepping for the grill.

First, start up the grill, preheating it to your desired temperature. I start off on high, get the grill hot, clean it with a brush, and then lower the temperature to low. Next, take your two ripe avocados, cut them into slices and set aside. Slice the English muffins in half and place them aside too. Using some heavy duty aluminum foil, make a tray that you can cook the mushrooms on in the grill. Now you are ready to actually start grilling.

Place your aluminum foil pan on the bottom rack of the grill, pour the mushrooms along with their marinade onto the pan and let it cook. Next, add the chicken breast onto the top rack and cook thoroughly. Since the chicken breast are thin sliced, the cooking time will be shorter. Make sure to keep an eye on the mushrooms, because if the oil cooks off the balsamic will begin to reduce and form a thick caramel coating before starting to burn. Once the chicken and mushrooms are done, you can place them in the same large bowl and set aside. With the grill still going, take the English muffins and toast them to your desired texture.

Lastly cook up the Bearnaise sauce. I save this step for last because it cooks so fast and you must constantly stir it so it does not burn to the bottom of the pan. The package I used called for 1 cup of milk and 1/4 cup of butter ( I cut the butter down to 1/8th, and it was fine). Mix all the ingredients and packet contents into a pan. Bring mixture to a boil, while stirring constantly. Once it boils, remove from heat and continue to stir until it no longer wants to stick to the bottom of the pan.

Now that everything is done cooking, it is time to build it!

Step 3: The Build Up and Serve

First place the English muffin on the bottom. Add a slice of chicken, trimming it up a bit if too large. Next, add a few slices of avocado followed by a nice big slice of portabella mushroom. Lastly, top it all off with Bearnaise sauce and enjoy! This beautiful dish is a favorite in my house and leftovers are a rarity.

I hope everyone likes my Instructable and for more cooking ideas check out my other Instructables. Thanks!

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