Chicken Bomb in Mc Pe!

Introduction: Chicken Bomb in Mc Pe!

You can quikly and easily make a bomb... Made out of chickens!

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Step 1: Place a Block of Anything on the Ground

Step 2: Build a Little Tower

The higher you build the tower, the longer it takes for the bomb to detonate

Step 3: Delete Some Blocks

Delete all the blocks below the top one, so that its floating mid-air

Step 4: Place a Chicken on the Block

Step 5: Place More On..

Be careful! Make sure you are tapping the very edge of the block, because if you tap the chickens it will mess the whole thing up

Eventually you should have so many on that minecraft gets a little slow.

Step 6: Detonate

Ere are two good ways to decimate this. You can either delete the block und r neath them, and it will act like a time bomb depending on how high it is, or you can shoot the chickens with an arrow. They both have the same explosion

Step 7: Boom!!

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3 Discussions


4 years ago on Introduction

I made it with villagers, only instead of breaking the block, I shot them with a bow :P

oh yeah, it was in computer version too


5 years ago

Nice I did the same thing though I used cows uses more space.