Chicken Coop

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This is the chicken coop we made last summer to house our four chickens.  The chickens are luna, stella, ruby, and peachy.  The roof is made couragated steel, and the frame is covered in steel mesh, instead of chicken wire.  these, along with the spring loaded latches on all the doors ensure that the entire coop is racoon proof.



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    3 years ago

    i'm thinking about making a chicken coop and run and i like this design but i can't let them run in my backyard because my fence is, well i don't know how to explain it but they would get out, so i wold probably take out the door and add an uncovered section of the run. but ill probably use a lot of details from this.


    5 years ago

    I live the nesting box for taking the eggs. Nice.

    i originally made this coop with plans from another instructable by randofo who has since taken the instructable off the website for reasons unknown to me. Because of this I never thought of saving the plans. Sorry...