Chicken Curry Samosas

Introduction: Chicken Curry Samosas

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Hey guys, for the Leftovers Challenge I went through my fridge and pulled out the food that was made within the past two days.
It took a few minutes but I figured out a way to combine some Chicken kebabs with Chicken curry to make a fun little snack.

Chicken Curry Samosas!

My leftovers included:

One container of Chicken Curry
Once container of Yellow Rice
One container of Dhal (yellow lentils which are cooked and then liquified)
One container of Chicken and Pineapple Kebabs
Quarter of an Onion
Half a packed of Ramen Noodle Seasoning ( I only use half a packed if I ever make ramem)

For the dough I used

Roughly 3 cups of flour (about 6 handfuls)
One tablespoon of baking Powder
Two tablespoons of Curry powder
One tablespoon of Masala
One Teaspoon salt
Half a teaspoon dried and ground Habenero pepper
1.5 cups of lukewarm water

And of course a 6-pack of blue moon doesn't hurt to have on hand to make the process a little more fun :)

You will also need oil for frying...the amount needed depends on how big your pot is. You will want enough oil to fill the pot so that it covers the samosas when fully submerged.

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Step 1: Rice and Ramen Noodle Seasoning

First grab a bowl big enough to hold all of the ingredients and one that will allow you room to mix everything together.

First things I throw in is the Yellow Rice and the Seasoning Packet.

We don't really need a whole lot of seasonings to mix in because the flavour is already in the curry sauce.

Step 2: Chicken and Pineapple Kebabs

Next we want to strip the wooden skewers of the Pineapple and Chicken.
They were marinated and grilled with a sweet chili sauce, tequila and lime.
It sounds odd to add it in there but it actually gives the final samosa a slight hint of sweetness with the curry.

We strip the skewers then dice up the chicken and the pineapple and throw it in the bowl with our rice.

Step 3: Chicken Curry

In this step we are going to shred the chicken in the Chicken Curry away from the bones.

This will be easy to do because we originally cooked the curry on low heat for a long time making the meat really tender and letting it fall off the bone easily.

You will also notice that homeade curry, because of the chicken juices will gel when left in the refrigerator. I know, it may look somewhat gross and slimy to touch but it will make the cooling process easier since the sauce is already cooled and in solid form.

Step 4: Onions

The next ingredient we add is the quarter Onion diced. This will add a nice crunch to the inside of the samosa once we are done frying them.

Step 5: Dhal and Curry Sauce

Now we add the final ingredients. We add the Dhal ( yellow lentils ) and some more Curry sauce from the Chicken Curry.

Both of these will after haven been in the fridge will be solidified in a gel like form.

You want to add just enough of each so when you mix the ingredients all together they just coat the rice and the chicken. You don't want to much excess in the bowl. We want everything to be coated but not weighed down by a lot of thick sauce.

I say this because when the mixture is wrapped in our dough we don't want too much liquid in each samosa, otherwise it will cause the oil to pitch all over the place.

In this case it is better to have less sauce then too much. You just need enough to give the rice flavour.

Once you have finished mixing all the ingredients together place foil over the top of the bowl and place in the fridge to cool.

Step 6: Dough

Now for the dough we put all of our Flour, baking powder, and spices into a mixing bowl.
Now slowly add 1/2 cup of lukewarm water, then begin mixing together.
Slowly keep adding another 1/2 cup while mixing.
Then add the final 1/2 cup.

You want the dough to form a nice ball that doesn't stick to your fingers and is pliable.

If it becomes to dry add a little more water. If it is too wet, add a little more flour.

Step 7: Ball of Yellow Dough

This is what your dough should look like once you are done kneading it. It will have a yellow tint to it because of the Curry Powder.

Step 8: Form Little Balls of Dough

Next you are going to tear off a small fistfull of dough one by one until you only have small doughballs.

Each one of these will make two samosas.

Next you will place them on a rolling or baking mat and roll them as best as you can into a circle.

Step 9: Cut the Circle in Half

Now you want to take a smal knife and cut your circle in half

(as you can tell by my circle, this is where the Blue Moon started kicking in)

Step 10:

Now simply fold one of the semi circles in half along the flat edge. keep your hand inside and pinch the open ends together.

This will form a cone shape.

Step 11: Coneheads!

Here you can see my hand on the inside with the edges pressed together forming a cone.

Step 12: Spoonfull of Cury!

Now we are going to hold the cone in our hand just like an icecream cone and fill it with a spoonfull of our mixture at a time until it is filled.

Then you take the open egdge and pinch it shut so that when you fry it none of the oil can get in and none of the filling can get out.

Step 13: Heat the Oil

Now we add enough oil to our frying pot to cover the height of one samosa if it were to be submurged. I usually  like to fill it twice the height of one samosa to give it room to float.

Heat the oil to 350. You can test if it is ready to fry by tearing a small piece of dough off and throwing it in. If it starts to bubble and float to the top then you are ready to go!

Step 14: Frying

I just fried two at a time so I used a skillet, which I defintely do not reccoment as the edges are low so oil can pitch over the side easier and makes it a little more painful.

I also laid down two newspapers and put some paper towels over them so they could soak up some oil from the samosas after frying.

Also immediately after frying I cracked some fresh black pepper over them.

I fired the samosas for about 2-3 minutes. remember the inside is cooked so we are just frying the dough to make it crispy, which will in turn heat up the mixture inside and rewarm the curry sauce.

Step 15: Chicken Curry Samosas!

And there you have, Chicken Curry samosas with a hint of sweetness!

Hope you guys enjoy!

And also to let you know you do this with almost any leftovers you have!

You can use a basic dough and fill it with potatos (like pierogis)
beans, and cheese (like empenadas)

Or whatever you have leftover in your fridge! Hope you guys like it! let me know what you think! :)

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