Chicken Feeder Under 10 Bucks





Introduction: Chicken Feeder Under 10 Bucks

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Bulk feeder

Step 1: Things Needed

Piece of 3inch PVC pipe-5.50bucks
5-gallon bucket -2.50
Lid-1 buck
Elbow tee-1 buck
Cap end-.60

Step 2: Bucket Setup

Cut hole in bucket
Make sure you do at edge of bucket
So feeder will be protected from rain or snow

Step 3: Feeder Spout

The black abs piping connection was on sale at lowed 80 percent of that's why I used it
Other wise I would have bought a cap for the bottom

Step 4: PVC Pipe

3 inch
Seem to be a good size was going do 4 inch

Step 5: Slide Pipe Into Bucket

Slide pipe in hole and connect connector so pipe don't move from bucket

Step 6: Feeder Complete

Step 7: P and B Feeder

Works great
Less than 10 bucks in it



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    9 Discussions


    Looks good but, you have one of those for all 17 chickens?

    Just wondering if they take turns or whatever, seems looks only maybe one or 2 at time could get at it.

    Hows it working out pracatially?

    Was finishing up new chicken tractor I built will post it up here later

    Nope cat never touches them
    Dog smack them around pulls feather about all

    does your cat kill your chickens or did you cat proof before you learned the hardway

    5 rooster
    9 hens
    3 chicks
    17 total

    So how Many chickens do you have?