About: Hi! I'm Jack! I always have such trouble with these darn things.

Hi, this is my entry in the pocket-sized contest!It is a Easter chicken in a jar or bottle.You can always carry it with you!Oh, this is my first Instructable!Oh, and I'm Australain, so any odd terms, ask!This is my entry in the Pocket Contest!

Step 1: You Need!

You need:
Small jars, eg from an Op-Shop ( a small churchy secondhand shop!)
Easter Chickens, (Everywhere around easter)
A pen/ pencil, ( your desk)
Blu Tack, (officeworks!)

Step 2: Preperation

Open the jar and blu-tack the lil' chooks feet!

Step 3: Stuff It

Shove the li'l fella in there!

Step 4: Neaten!

Fix him up!Use that pen!

Step 5: The Lid!

Easy! Put on the lid!

Step 6: Done!

Ta daa!All Done! So that is my contest entry.
Please vode for me, or the one you like most!
Thank you!



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    either dead or alive if its alive if its yours you dont have to kill it the lack of air does (no i would not do this to my animals or anybody elses i let them live to they go)


    9 years ago on Step 2

    Chook means chicken I guess! Cute!