Chicken Jelly Cake




This is a chicken recipe that one could decorate as beautifully as they want - one could put a boiled egg inside or broccoli and make it tall with a lot of jelly underneath.. I called it a chicken jelly cake as it looks quite jolly like a cake and could use it as a cake for those who doesn't like sweets :-)

I had one chicken thigh left so decided to make an instructable out of it :-) It is important to use a chicken with bones and skin still on it. You could also use some real jelly if you want to make a big and sturdy one, but for the small one - the chicken bullion is enough and turns into a thick jelly itself.

So here we are.. Ingredients for one portion:

1 Chicken thigh

1 small carrot

Half of small onion

black pepper

Dried dill

Small peas

Greens for decoration

Step 1: Chicken Bullion

Put a chicken thigh in a saucepan and pour a hot water over it ( just enough to cover the chicken), add some onions and black pepper. Simmer for about an hour or a bit more ( till the chicken starts falling apart). Last 10 minutes before switching the chicken off, add the carrots to the bullion and continue simmering.

Step 2: Cutting and Seperating Everything

Drain the broth in a separate small container and put it aside. Cut the carrots in a shape you like and arrange them beautifully at the bottom of the dish (so when you flip it - the shape will be on top), add peas and sprinkle it with dill.

As for the chicken, remove all the bones and chop the remains.

Step 3: Final Bit

Lay the chicken on top of the carrots very carefully ( so the shape will not get distorted/messed up). Put all the chicken in and press the spoon gently on top. Now start pouring the broth over it very gently - fill the dish up to the top. (Discard the rest of the bullion - or make some soup :-D )

Leave the dish untouched for an hour or two till it cools down and then put it in a fridge over night (8 to 10 hours)

Step 4: Flip

Take a knife and slide it through the edges of the chicken jelly, so it will unstick. Tip it over on a plate and decorate it.

Wa lah - it's done! :-)



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    3 years ago

    Pretty! Savory molds like this were popular in the '50s in the US.

    To maximize nutrition, add a splash of good vinegar or juice of a lemon to your chicken boiling water. The acid helps leach calcium from the bones and dissolves the cartilage, and tenderizes the meat. When finished cooking, if it's too acidic you can add a pinch of baking soda to buffer it (in lieu of salt).

    Throw out the excess liquid No Way! That's precious bone broth that can be frozen for future soup. The rendered fat that rises to the top can also be frozen for delicious use in frying. And the bones will be ready for composting.

    1 reply

    Reply 3 years ago

    Thank you for your comment and advice. I never thought of adding vinegar or lemon juice to it - I will definitely try it! And indeed the broth is very good for soups - I especially like it in a cold weather when I am not feeling very well ( it's delicious and warms me up from inside :-) !


    3 years ago

    Sounds like something I have to serve a vegetarian friend. BWAAA HAAA

    1 reply

    Reply 3 years ago

    Lol, shocking surprise hey ?! :-D