Chicken Money Bags in a Stick




Introduction: Chicken Money Bags in a Stick

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This is a very simple recipe and also delicious. It's quick and so great for parties.

Step 1: Ingredients

ingredients :
salt and pepper
spring roll sheets
Parsley stem and leaves

Step 2: The Curry

Boil the chicken with salt and pepper.
then shred it with a hand blender. also slightly blend the mushrooms.
Saute the grated carrots and leeks...cook for like 5 minutes.
Add the chicken and mushrooms...mix well and take off the fire.

Step 3: Making the Bags

cut small squares from the spring roll sheet.
place some of the filling in the center.
lift from all four corners and make a pouch...tie with a stem off a herb or
lemon grass.
Now stick a stick in it and deep fry.
It's that simple!

Step 4:

Garnish with tomatoes and parsley leaves

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    Ideas! Ideas! looking good.Great . I have never done these pops.I thought it has to be only sweet pops.

    Thanks...i have got the ingredients to try your nacos pop...will do it at the end of the weekends!