Creamy Chicken Pasta- Mouth Watering!




Introduction: Creamy Chicken Pasta- Mouth Watering!

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I first ate this at my husbands aunt's house and found it delicious! what was even great was my kids...who are very very fussy eaters...loved it.
So I asked her and tried it was mom and sisters tried it...and they wanted the recipe too! So I challenge you...oh viewer...please try this....hmmm as an incentive...i would like to give a free pattern to whoever tries it and uploads a picture of this pasta! .. :-D ( subject to instructable team approval of course :-) i'll upload a pic of the finished pattern below :-) )

Step 1: Ingredients

Pasta - A must else it's not in this contest!
Karapincha - a herb for the's can skip it. ( currently don't know the english name for it...but it's great for cholesterol / diabetes)
Cumming seeds -2 tsp ground
Green Chilli -15 - grind it...but not too much
Ginger and Garlic paste - to make your own..simply grind 100g of garlic ,50 grams of ginger and 1.5 tsp of olive oil ( oil is optional)
Onions finely chopped
4 big tomatoes also chopped
chicken - boiled with salt and pepper and then chopped...keep the's tasty!
salt to taste
Coconut milk - 1 cup thick and 2 cups thin milk ( you could use pasteurized milk as substitute )
Vegetable oil

Step 2: Grind , Boil , Chop!

Boil the chicken with salt and pepper and then cut into small pieces.
Boil Pasta 3/4...not fully and drain.
Grind chilli...if you like a bit of pieces..don't grind totally...if you won't make a difference in taste :-)
Grind the cumming seeds
Chop onions and tomatoes finely
Powder the Cardamons ...or just smash it :-)
Get your milk ready..pasteurized milk/ dessicated coconut powder or  the real thing :-)

Step 3: Now Cook It!

Heat 2 tbs of oil
add 2 tbs of Ginger and Garlic paste , then karapincha (herb- optional), cinnamon, onions, cumming seeds...
cook a add the tomatoes then the green chilli and salt to taste.
Add the Chicken and then the thin milk and then the thick milk and mix...
now add the pasta..sprinkle the cardamon and mix and let simmer for a 5 min ( this is why i said boil pasta 3/4 :-))
Once you are done...grab a plate and heap it with pasta and enjoy your meal :- D

Step 4:

I are just too lazy to try out something here is my incentive...
try this out and post a picture...i'll then give you a free template of this pattern :-)
It's done with a sewing machine...simply fill with running stitch :-)

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    2 Discussions


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Very interesting! Karapincha is the curry leaf, but I'm not sure where to find them. Then again, I've never looked! From this description, I'm betting a tiny pinch of curry powder would do as a substitute. When you say "cumming seeds" do you mean cumin? This sounds like an Indian inspired dish, esp with the addition of coconut milk, but I've never seen a dish like this paired with pasta. Intriguing!


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Oh curry leaves....why didn't it come to mind when i was typing! :-)'s very healthy if you make a sambol...which is delicious and eat...cuts down cholesterol..and controls diabetes.
    yes...cumin sees it is..but the small ones...not the big and not the black seeds...i'm told there are those too :-). well doesn't taste at all Indian...even though coconut milk is used...but then...coconut milk makes most food taste could add pasteurized milk...i'm told by the health conscious relatives that it doesn't make a difference :-)
    So please tell me...are you going to try??? there are some dishes...which are 'oh so not western....but oh so delicious' that i want to the people of the west to try....
    I've taken pictures...but not written the instructable yet....but when i do...i'm sure going to try bribing you to try it :-)