Chicken Pot-Pie

Introduction: Chicken Pot-Pie

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So making an actual pie is a lot of work so here's an easier, yummy way to make Chicken-Pot Pie.
The ingredients you'd need are in the picture below (well, most):

White Onion (about an eighth of it or to taste)
Garlic (2-3 pieces or to taste)
Celery (stalk or to taste)
Chicken (one boneless chicken breast)
Hot Sausage (2 - optional)
Carrots (one whole carrot or about 6 baby carrots or to taste)

What's not in the picture are the spices and (vegetable or olive) oil. I would suggest using the following spices:

Ground Red Pepper
Adobo All-purpose seasoning

You'll need a muffin pan and a skillet.

Step 1: Ingredients

Chop the ingredients into small (bite-size) pieces and cook them in a skillet with the vegetable/olive oil (except for the biscuits, of course - those are to be flattened out and put into the muffin pans). You can either put the meat and vegetables in the skillet at the same time or put the meat in first and put the vegetables in after the chicken turns white. Put the seasoning in when you put the meat in. Cook until the chicken is done.

Step 2:

Once the chicken is done, put the filling into  the biscuits and close the biscuits. Cook in the oven according to the biscuit instructions. Enjoy!

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