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Introduction: Chicken Pot Pie With Chorizo


A personal childhood favorite of mine with a slight twist that i think adds a lovely warmth to the dish. perfect for a family evening meal if you feel like trying something slightly more adventurous.

garnish with fresh basil to contrast the colours of the dish with salt and pepper.

you can make your own pastry if you feel, but i was always felt that it is more of a hassle then anything else, as it is difficult to make, little that you could improve upon compared to the shop brought version. i rarely recommend buying something shop brought over there homemade counter part but pastry wise i feel that shop brought is far better. 

Step 1: Frying the Chorizo

375g chicken breasts Chopped
125ml chicken stock
5 tbsp single cream
1 whole white onion, Finely chopped
1 leek, cut into 1cm/1in pieces
125g Green beans Chopped
2 garlic cloves, Chopped
225g Chorizo, cut into thin slices
25g salted butter
3 tbsp plain flour

I like to have all my ingredients ready to go before i start cooking it makes everything far quicker. Picture 1

Fry the Chorizo w/ the butter in large bottomed pan. Picture 2

Wait for the Chorizo to start to cook and release its oils. Picture 3 

Its now time to add the chicken and let it cook with the Chorizo. Picture 4

Don't over do the Chicken, at this stage it shouldn't be properly cooked. Picture 5

Step 2: Sautéing the Vegetables

ideally you want to sweat the vegetables more so then you want to saute them 

add the Chopped Vegetables to chicken and Chorizo. Picture 1

wait for them to cook/sweat slightly. Picture 2 

add Minced Garlic. Picture 3

Add all Liquids (Chicken stock and single cream). Picture 4

Step 3: Simmering

at this point after stiring it all together you want to leave it to simmer for 25 minutes, this is the point where the chicken will hopefully cook. 

Before simmering. Picture 1

leave with the lid on to simmer for 25 minutes. Picture 2 

after simmering. Picture 3

now its time to add the flour, once it has been added you want to bring all the mixture together to form a paste. Picture 4

Step 4: Baking

Now, you need to spoon the mixture in to a medium sized oven dish, it is good at this point to have your pastry already rolled out and ready to be placed on top. you will also need to glaze the top of the pie.

salt and black pepper
1 sheet of ready-rolled puff pastry
1 egg yolk beaten, for glazing
Basil for Garnish

its worth noting that not all the patterns that you try to put on top will come out as nicely as you would suspect, not to put you off trying of course. 

Before baking. Picture 1

After baking . Picture 3 

Step 5:

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