Chicken Sun Pie

Introduction: Chicken Sun Pie

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Want to surprise your friends with something unique and out of the box??

It’s super delicious and definitely way easier to make than you would think.

I'm sure your guest would be delighted to see the twist you created to the pie.

I have used a chicken based continental style filling.

Hope you like it. Do vote for me in the contest. :)

Step 1: Ingredients

Preparation Time - 20 minutes

Cooking Time - 30 minutes

Pie Crust:

2 1/2 cups - all-purpose flour

1 teaspoon - salt

1 tablespoon - granulated white sugar

1 cup - unsalted butter, chilled

1/4 to 1/2 cup - ice water

* Egg - 1

* Cumin seed - 1/2 Tsp


Chicken - 500 gm

Potato - 2

Carrot - 2

Salt - As needed

Pepper - 1 Tsp

Water - 3/4 Cup

Corn Flour - 1/4 Cup

Step 2: Process

In a food processor, place the flour, salt, and sugar and process until combined.

It will be of a grainy texture.

Step 3: Cook Chicken

I cooked the chicken using the pressure cooker. You can use any method you like.

The basic idea is to cook the chicken and shred it.

Step 4: Cook Veggies!

I cooked the potato and carrot in a pressure cooker.

Once the potato and carrot is cooked, mash it.

Keep the beans and shredded chicken ready to make the filling.

Step 5: Filling

Heat the pan with some oil.

Add Ginger garlic Paste and saute for sometime till the raw smell goes.

Add the vegetables (Potato, carrot and beans, shredded chicken).

Saute for 3 minutes.

Step 6: Sauce

Mix the cornflour well with water.

Add it to the vegetables.

Keep stirring at low flame.

Now we get a saucy texture filling.

The filling should not be watery else it would be difficult to fill the pie.

Step 7: Gather Into a Ball

Add cold water just enough to form a ball. Gather it into a ball.

Cover with plastic wrap, and refrigerate for 30 - 60 minutes or until firm enough to roll out.

Step 8: Roll Out

On a lightly floured surface, roll out the pastry. Place the rolled pastry in a greased baking dish.

With help of a round disk cut get a perfect round shape you need for the sun pie.

Step 9: Fill

Fill the middle of the pie crust with the filling. That will form the center of the pie.

Now fill around the filling. Roll out the other ball to form the second round.

Place a small bowl over its center and press the edges of the pie with a fork.

Step 10: Sun Beam

Now we will make the sun beam.

With the help of knife, make slits around.

Step 11: Twist

Twist the slits slightly in one direction so that the filling is seen.

Beat an egg and brush it over the Sun Pie. It will give a golden crust.

Sprinkle some cumin seeds in the middle portion.

Step 12: Bake

Preheat the oven at 180 degree for 5 minutes.

Bake the Pie for 15 minutes.

The crust will have a golden color. the sun pie is ready.

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    Looks great. Am sure it tasted amazing too. Hope to give this a try soon. Good job! All the best for the contest.

    I love your other ibles where you crochet. You are multitalented. Congratulations on being shortlisted for the egg contest :)

    Passion Make
    Passion Make

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Oh thats is so sweet of you! Thank you so much for the lovely comment which encourages me. Love your recipies too.


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Looks and sounds wonderful.

    Pure torture, as, I doubt I'll get around to making it, however I WISH I WOULD.

    Anyone want to make it FOR us? lol. We LOVE chicken pie, we LOVE using our pressure cooker, which seems to have gone out of style here, in the US. This instructable has everything going for it except I'd have to actually MAKE IT! Sigh.

    Thank you for the inspiration! We'll see.


    5 years ago

    To those not in the UK, corn flour is also known as corn starch.

    Passion Make
    Passion Make

    Reply 5 years ago

    Thank you for the information. :)