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Introduction: Chicken Tractor (BrookvalleyFarmPA)

About: Brookvalley Farm is a family owned farmstead located in Fell Township just a few miles west of Carbondale, Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania. We have been providing quality horse drawn carriage and wagon serv...

This was done on the fly without much direction available as you can see by the rough draft. It's made from reclaimed wood and left over building materials from an addition we recently had put on the house. It's not much by way of step-by-step instruction (notes are available on each photo), but anyone with some building experience should be able to help figure it out.

We have 10 hens in ours right now, and that's a little too much; we have to move it and clean it almost daily. It would be perfect for 4-6 hens.

I'd be happy to answer any questions.

Happy building!



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    Briljant! it looks very nice, thumbs up for the idea and fr the build!

    Fred, a lot of the measurements are listed as comments on the photos.

    It is truly inspirational for me! I must make one.

    Nice job. Would be nice to have the measurements for your frame members. Length x with x heighth. The gambrel rafters are easy.