Chicken Wire Garden Cage Protector Version 2


Introduction: Chicken Wire Garden Cage Protector Version 2

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My original design can be seen here:

I wanted to improve on the design by

  1. Increasing the height of the cage
  2. Using supports on the top to make the top more rigid
  3. Hinge the cage at the top to make access easier and the opened section lighter

The other major change is that this is planned to be modular. As the garden grows I can make another cage unit underneath and just leave off the top. Then the modules can stack on each other until the desired height is reached.

The frame is made of 2X4 which has been ripped to about 1 1/4 inch width. The dimensions can be anything you want and mine fits the raised boxes I made and the sides are about 49 inches long. Uprights, also made of ripped 2X4 are at the corners and middles and each wall is now 12 inches tall, the size of the chicken wire I used. On the top, there are cross members so that the chicken wire can be stapled instead of stitched together. I thought the original version lacked stability and visual appeal. The top is hinged to the wall. A piece of paracord limits the opening and is tied on both ends with a simple double clove hitch.

In the first couple of pictures you can see the damage wrought by the rabbits and deer and groundhogs. The original cage did well with my salad garden and now I hope to build the taller cages for my taller vegetables.

Step 1: Progress

Pictures taken since deployment. Some pictures of old and new. Last picture shows deer damage to adjacent unprotected tomatoes.

Step 2: Revenge Is a Dish Best Served Cold.

Step 3:

The Squash and Pepper plants have grown tall enough to warrant a second tier. It's made the same way as the original but without the hinged top. The second tier is actually now on the bottom. I can continue adding tiers as the plants require.



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