Chicken Wonton Soup




Introduction: Chicken Wonton Soup

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Pretty simple to make. You can fill with beef, pork, shrimp or even tofu.

Step 1: Method

Quantities are depending how many bowls of soup you'd like to make!

Wonton wrappers

Poached/boiled seasoned chicken, shredded

Frozen peas, thawed

Piquancy powder (or cayenne or omit)

Garlic powder


Hungarian Vegeta powder or Knorr/Royco powder

Ground white pepper/black pepper

Beef bouillon/chicken bouillon

Enough water

1 green onion, thinly sliced

Mix thawed peas with shredded chicken and add Piquancy, garlic, pepper, salt, Vegeta, stir to combine well

Place a generous tsp of mixture on wonton wrapper, wet all sides, gather each ends to create a pouch, pinch to seal

Bring water to boil, add bouillon, green onion, Vegeta, garlic, salt, pepper, and adjust flavor

Drop in wonton and cook for about 7 minutes long

Serve immediately and enjoy :)



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    14 Discussions

    I've been looking for a well explained wonton soup recipe for quite some time. Giving this a go with the first opportunity.

    1 reply

    I'm voting for you because your entry made me hungry! If you are inclined to check it out, I have an intsructable entered (a DIY custom t-shirt quilt) in "Before & After", "Sew Warm," and "Handmade Gifts". Entering made me want to check out all the other contests. Good luck!

    1 reply

    you just got me hungrier checking this instructable out, had to cast my vote! congrats on drawing a crowd! love this one!

    1 reply

    What is a substitue for Hungarian Vegeta powder or Knorr/Royco powder? Never heard of it in the US

    1 reply

    seasoning powder such as bouillon powder, flavor is depending on you, can be chicken or vegetable. altho chicken would be awesome as the wonton is chicken filled :)

    Vegeta powder can be purchased on btw

    I love wonton soup, it's healthy and efficient.

    Thanks for tip.

    1 reply