Chicken Balls With Roasted Corn

Introduction: Chicken Balls With Roasted Corn

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What do you need?

2 eggs
500gr chicken breast
1/2 pack of roasted corn
4 cloves of garlic
Olive oil
3 spoons of flour


Break eggs into bowl and mix it. Then chop chicken breast to small pieces(***It is really important, because if it is not small it will make your cooking time longer and roasted corns will be burnt).
Add little bit salt to chicken and put all chicken into bowl with eggs. Grate garlic and add inside bowl. Then add parsley and little bit more salt. Mix it all.
Put roasted corn in chopper(kitchen robot) and make it granulated. When it becomes granulated put all roasted corn into one plate.
Then put 3 spoons of flour into bowl with chicken and eggs. Mix it with your hands. Then take chickens with your hand and make one ball. When it looks more or less like a ball cover with granulated roasted corn.
Light the stove and make oil really hot. When oil is really hot and ready, put chicken balls inside.
Control and rotate them when it become brown and harder.
Take them out when they are ready and serve it however you want.
Que approveche!

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