Chicken in Oil Tin

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Hi dear followers

This project is very simple and very cheap too, like my other project.

When you want to eat different tasty chicken you should make this recipe. when fully cooked chicken's skin will so crusty and so delicious.

When you eat the chicken with together onions and potatoes, than the flavor will be doubled. And one more thing I can recommend you, if you make rice pilaf too with together this recipe them will be very harmonic meal fo you.

Ingretiens :

- Chicken

- Potato

- Onion

- Vegetable Oil Tin

- Fork ( metal or wood )

- Spicies ( Black Pepper, Cummin, Curry, Rosemarry, Salt, Carnation seed, Bay leaves )

Recipe :

Oiled and spiced the chicken skin, next put on fork like in the picture, put the potatoes and onion on bottom, then close with can, after fire up :)

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Have a good appetite :)

Step 5:

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    7 Discussions


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Cooked one hour with calm fire, if you burn the fire fiercy you may burn chicken too.


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Sure! Have to find the right place! ;) I will try to flavor it with my Magic Rub Dust! :D

    Thanks for your comment. Yes its really funny to make this, there are curiosity because you cant see the chicken until last of cooking time :)