Child Proofing Bifold Doors

After trying to keep my children out of there closets using hook and loop type hardware and failing, i decided to try something new and it worked great so i decided to share!! I am aware that they sell locks for these type of doors but they are about $5 each door, made of plastic and go on top of the door so if your short it may be difficult to use!

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Step 1: Gather Materials

1) Drawer Catches (2 pack from home depo. about $3)
2) Drill
3) Small Drill Bit (for pilot hole)
4)Screwdriver Bit (or screwdriver)
5) Pen (to mark holes for drilling)

Step 2: Placement and Marking

place the two sides of the drawer catches on the center of the bifold door (the hinged part) and mark the screw holes for drilling. I placed the catches towards the top of the door well out of the reach of kids.

Step 3: Drill Pilot Holes

Use a small drill bit to drill a small pilot hole just deep enough for the screw to catch

Step 4: Now Enjoy Some Peace of Mind!!

Use the screwdriver bit or a handheld screwdriver to install screws! Now start at step 1 and repeat on the second door!!

Step 5: Now Enjoy Some Peace of Mind!!

I love this idea for closet door locks to keep the kids out because when installed properly there is no wiggle room to pinch little fingers!! Also this lock works so well i used it on my kitchen bifold door to keep my 2, 70 lb dogs out of the kitchen when I'm not home...and it works like a charm!! this was my first instructable and i hope it was helpful! (sorry for the blurry pics)

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