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Introduction: Child Safe Netflix - IPad/iPhone

Netflix is a great way to distract the little kids, it is also filled with a lot of content not suited for younger audiences. Now although Netflix has the kids section, it wont take a child long to realize that if they click in the corner they can find Power Rangers, Family Guy or worse. It's also not hard for them to accidentally get on a slew of other apps that could lead to ebay purchases, calls to china or something worse.

Don't fear though, on the iPad and iPhone there is an option to keep Netflix truly child safe. Using the built in feature, Guided Access, it's possible to lock the iPad to only the Netflix app as well as lock certain parts of the screen or disable the screen completely. This will effectively keep kids where there suppose to be, having safe family fun.

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Step 1: Turn on Guided Access

Guided Access is easy to setup. First go to settings - general - accessibility - guided access.

Turn On Guided Access and Accessibility Shortcut. I strongly suggest setting a password, it's not necessary, but a child will probably figure out how to get around a triple click.

Step 2: Activate Guided Access

Now that you have Guided Access turned on you just need to set it up in the app you want to use and then you are ready to hand it over to the little guy.

Once you are in Netflix, triple click the home button. Enter the password that you previously created. Once the password is entered you will be able to disable portions of the screen by outlining them. It's also possible to disable the whole screen to lock them to a specific show.

On Netflix if you outline the profile box and the exit button, your child will have free range of safe content.

There you go, Netflix is now kid safe. Happy streaming.

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