Baby Call Using Linkit ONE


Its is difficult for a baby or child below 3 yrs to remember 10 digit phone no even my mom too don't know my phone no... so in order to make calls easier i build this one using Linkit ONE

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Step 1: Components Required

  1. Linkit ONE
  2. Arduino UNO
  3. LCD with LCD shield
  4. SIm card
  5. Speakers or headset
  6. IR remote
  7. Tsop1738 (connect Vcc of tsop to 3.3v as Linkit ONE is 3.3v tolerant)

Step 2: Connections

  1. connect Linkit ONE to Arduino




2.Insert SD card to the slot provided

3.connect 3.5mm of speakers to the audio jack of linkit ONE

4.connect TSOP output pin to Digital pin 8.

Step 3: Coding

Arduino code

In Arduino IDE select board to Arduino UNO and port to Arduino comport

click the below link to download arduino code

arduino as lcd shield

Linkit ONE code

In Arduino IDE select board to Linkit ONE and port to Linkit one debug port

click the below link to download Linkit ONE code

baby call

Step 4: Working

change the phone no in the code as per your need, you can add several phone numbers for different buttons of IR remote
Each button in IR remote produces different values, first find out them by using


now modify the code for your different IR remote values in the IF condition... add your own functions to different remote buttons

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