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Introduction: Child Friendly EXTREME LED Humidifier

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I saw this instructable by pro-mpilchfamily a great idea. I needed one for my daughter, but I wanted to make it child friendly, add a little pizazz if you will. This is basicly a modification of the one I saw, the design concept belongs to PRO- MPILCHFAMILY, I just made a few changes to suit our needs. My hats off to you "Thanks for sharing".

Step 1: Materials

  • Materials you will need, this is a very easy project, about 2hr to complete. a plastic container, two sponges, a low voltage fan 12 or 24 volt, a led mist / fog maker, a pc. of aluminum, screws, a wall power supply for fan, 45 deg. vac. attachment

Step 2: Tools

Drill, drill bits, spade bits, wire cutters, x acto knife, tin snips, hot glue gun, compass, soldering gun, solder, wire cleaner / flux, screw driver, calipers, pc. wire

Step 3: Starting the Build

Drill a hole to fit gromet on the led mister, make sure the hole is close to top of container. Feed the wire of the mister from the inside out. Then you can take your hot glue gun, and glue the mister to the bottom, inside the container. Glue around gromet, and hold in place till it sets. Take one of the sponges and place a drop of glue on each corner, and put inside container on the other side leaving room for other sponge to slide between wall and glued sponge.

Step 4: The Top

Cut the pc. of aluminum to fit the inside of the top. Then drill a small hole at each corner of the aluminum. Drill thru the aluminum into the top and then put in the screws at each corner. Measure the bottle at the depth it will sit in the top. Then take your compass and draw a circle the size of your bottle on the plastic top. Then draw the other circle for the vac. attachment. Use the x acto knife to cut out both circles, and trace around the holes onto the aluminum with a pencil. Remove the alum. plate. Use a unibit to drill a hole in each circle, cut the holes out with tin snips. And screw the plate back on the top. Take your hot glue gun and glue around the alum. plate. Rotate the glue gun to get that welded effect. 

Step 5: Glue and More Glue

Insert the bottle and glue around the outside, flip over and glue around the bottle.Notch the top of the bottle to unload water.  Cut a 1.5 inch square pc. of sponge, and put inside the bottle at the top. Place the vac. attachment on top and glue around the outside. Cut hole for fan on the container at the same end as the sponge, at the top of container. Screw fan to the side, and place other sponge just inside container. Solder wires from fan to power supply. Make sure the fan is wired right. Some fans will run in reverse when wired backwards, you want the fan to blow into the container.

Step 6: Ready for Moisture

Fill container with water, just to cover the led mister, remove the sponge from the bottle and fill the bottle then replace the sponge. Place top on container and snap the lid all the way around. IMPORANT the mister must remain below water level or it will burn the ceramic disc on the mister. Dont plug the mister in to power, unless it is under water. After water is put into bottle and container, Plug in the mister and the fan and enjoy.

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    The Freak
    The Freak

    5 years ago on Introduction

    Do these ultrasonic 24V devices also work on 12V? Because the reason I didn't buy one yet is the fact that 12V adapters are easy to find, but 24V is a lot harder and I don't like spending a lot on this.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Nicely done! I like how you use 1 sponge to help control the flow of the water out of the bottle.

    But what happens when you start getting mold buildup on the sponges? There are 3 reasons why i went with a regular Humidifier filter with mine. For one the filter is easily changed out cause eventually you will get mold buildup. Secondly the filter isn't as dense as a sponge allowing more air to flow through and a better transference of the moisture into the air. Third the filter does actually filter any minerals out of the tap water. But with the mist fogger you really don't need the sponge on the air intake side. The fogger is putting all the moisture into the air.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for the comment, you are very right about the mold buildup, the main reason I used sponges is it was the only thing on hand at the time. the filter you used is much better, I just didnt have correct materials. I needed it asap my daughter was sick and I just compromised with some household goods. And the intake sponge was used to kind of cut down on dust or debris, sponges were not made to filter. So I thought that if I used two of them it would help. I did eventually change the intake and output sponges to filters.When my daughter was finshed with it I dried it out real well and packed it in a box for storage, or till someone needs it again. Anyway this was a very inexpensive build, and something good to have around. My hats off to you for sharing, and my daughter thanks you. Thanks