Child´s Chair Renewed




Take old and rusted chairs and turn into brand new! This is a pretty easy instructable. I´m posting to inspire you to do something similar! Hope to be helpful.

+ We´ll go through 3 easy steps:

1) Cleaning n´ Rust Sanding ;

2) Primer and Painting ;

3) Contact Adhesive Applying

+ Materials and Tools:

For Step 1: Wet towel, Sanding paper (i used 180 and 200 grain)

For Step 2) Primer and Paint, choose your color (as these are iron chairs I used a Enamel Paint)

For Step 3) Contact Adhesive Paper (Search at Amazon, Walmart

Let´s do it!

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Step 1: Cleaning N´ Rust Sanding ;

Clean it up! Take off all the dust with a wet towel.

Start sanding the rusted areas, using first the lower grain sanding paper. You also have to sand the scratched areas.

Once it´s done its time to apply the Primer!

Step 2: Primer and Painting ;

I applied both the primer and paint with the roller paint, you can also use a painting brush or spray paint!

Step 3: Contact Adhesive Applying

First, the surface you are applying the adhesive must be clean.

Make sure to cut a size that fits good at the surface.

You can cut the edges with a snap-off blalde, and sand it at the end.

That´s all!

It´s pretty simple

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    Penolopy Bulnick

    3 years ago

    Those turned out great and that was a nifty idea to use the contact paper :)